The solutions provided by EurAfrica

The solutions provided by EurAfrica ensure a set of expertise that establishes a relationship of trust between private or public actors and their institutional partners or public opinion. Our approach combines strategic consulting, relationships with public authorities, and media influence. This combination makes it possible to establish a persuasive narrative, facilitate decision-making processes, strengthen advocacy and develop a growth strategy.

Media plan and press relations to win the battle for public opinion, establish leadership, gain credibility and bring together communities of interest.

Political, legislative and regulatory monitoring in France and Brussels along with European institutions and any partners in the European ecosystem in order to anticipate risks or opportunities and identify key players.

Strategic consulting for developing action plans, building arguments and convincing stakeholders, and/or lobbying actions to establish dialogue and convince public decision-makers in Brussels and other major cities; activate, influence or actively participate in the establishment of European decisions.

Strategic consulting to facilitate access to European public and private financing for SMEs operating in Africa or between the two continents.

Training and coaching for a better understanding of decision-making processes, access to financing and European media codes.

Digital communication for increased information sharing, advocacy and bringing communities together.

Access to public and private funding.